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2019 Sponsors & Prize List

Our contest sponsors all have a strong commitment to healthy pets.

We are using these new health & weight management technologies and products that you can win for yourself or family/friends!

We will be sharing information about how these can help your pet at each of our weigh-ins, giving some away to lucky weigh-in attendees and selling them at a special contest price (well below Amazon!) with all proceeds going to rescues!

Toletta Smart Litter Box. One of the most exciting new products (US debut at our contest!) to arrive. Believe it or not, it is a facial recognition litter box with a built-in scale and app to monitor the health of cat 24/7 alerting owners to any changes that might warrant intervention. Getting cats weights passively is a huge step forward to both weight management and early disease detection and we are honored to be able to share this product with the cat community.

BabelBark. A cat & dog activity monitor and more. BabelBark connects veterinarians, pet groomers, dog walkers and pet sitters in a platform that makes it easy to keep track of medical information including pet weights and exercise making it a perfect fit for our contest! Every pet entering contest will receive a FREE BabelBark!

Sure Care Microchip Feeder Connect. We have used surefeed microchip smart feeders in our weight loss programs for 4 years now. They use microchip identification to allow feeding ideal for multiple pet households to prevent “food stealing” The brand new “connect” model has a  built-in gram scale with LED lights so you know exactly how much to feed essential for all pets but especially critical in small dogs & cats. The app lets you control access by time as well. (We are also using these in our PRFR/OVC Feb study prior to their Summer 2019 public release)
FitBark is a returning sponsor (3 years running!) who has developed an amazing research level fitness monitor for pets. Currently used in over 20 veterinary schools to study everything from sleep patterns, osteoarthritis, and seizures,  this product is very exciting and fun to use and motivates pet owners to regulate calories burn just like a Fitbit. It even connects with YOUR Fitbit if you have one!  (Also being used in PRFR/OVC study)
Petcube Bites This product was used in our pilot study and will be used again in our Feb PRFR/OVC study and as it is a motion activated web camera it caught one cat stealing another’s food! Invaluable as a way to interact with your pet when away, it also ensures that feeding is controllable between multiple pets and helps observe their behaviors. It also allows treat-flinging while you watch, promoting at least a little activity!
Petnet Smart Feeder. Now in its 2nd generation, this is the most accurate smart feeder we have ever used with a very friendly, easy setup, and a functional app. Perfect for feeding a single port multiple (up to 6) on a timed basis, which is how we should be feeding our cats especially.
Petrics is an exciting new company who is building a pet health platform using an activity monitor, a smart passive scale that can be placed under a cat or small dog’s bed (or in front of food dish or under litter box) and send the weight to an app that has categorized 15,000 foods! We hope to beta-test the first versions in Bugs Cat Gym in February or March of 2019
Purina Pro Plan RX makes some of the very best and reliable prescription pet foods. We have been using their weight management foods for over 10 years with fantastic success, especially in cats as theirs is a 50% protein, moderate calorie food (a very rare combination)! They also recently released a probiotic that has great evidence to calm anxious dogs.
PortionproRx is a smart feeder that will feed multiple pets multiple times per day as long as they eat the same food. It dispenses a preset amount of food up to 6 times a day but limits to the pet with a collar tag activated to allow or deny opening of feeder door from 3 foot away, preventing food stealing or sharing. Great for larger dogs and multiple dog and cat households.
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