An Estimated 54% of Dogs and Cats in the United States are Overweight or Obese

Pet nutrition is repeatedly one of the first concerns of every pet owner

Candidly in the past veterinarians have not “gone there” West Towne Veterinary Center is no ordinary clinic in terms of pet nutrition, knowledge and expertise. This is extremely important for your pets vitality and longevity! Food ingredients, food safety and the management of your pets weight will be discussed at every visit.

Dr Ken Lambrecht has had advanced training in the area of pet nutrition beginning in 2006

Pet nutrition has been an important part of Dr. Lambrecht’s career and he attends lectures all across the country since nutrition is constantly changing. He has given dozens of lectures across Wisconsin and presented “Tools, Dialogues and Strategies of an Effective Weight Loss Program” before an international audience of nutrition experts in March 2015.  Many of the strategies are WTVC’s own and we are glad to share them to help your pet achieve and maintain ideal weight!

The bottom line: We care deeply about what and how much your pet eats

Giving your pet a well-balanced diet can help him/her live a longer, healthier life. We will take the time to discuss proper pet nutrition and dialogue the pros and cons of ingredients, caloric amounts and the safety of the food you feed to your pet.

Percentage of Overweight Cats
Percentage of Overweight Dogs