We hold one of the longest running, largest and most successful annual pet ideal weight contests in the country, “Pets Reducing for Rescues”. It is a fundraiser with an eight year history that has benefited  hundreds pets resulting in over $13,000 in donations to local rescues over the past eight years.  Ideal weight pets feel better and live longer. When pets lose… rescues win!

2017 Final results

  • $4,000 donated to rescues!
  • 40 lbs lost!
  • 34 Contestants (17 dogs and 17 cats)
  • Cats adopted!
  • $3,000 in pet food & door prizes

 Important Dates!

  • Cats Night Out Weigh In: March 1st 6 to 7 p.m.
  • Official Weigh In Kick-Off: March 3rd 12:30 to 2 p.m.
  • Mid-Point Weigh In: March 29th 6 to 7 p.m.
  • Finale Weigh In: April 28th  12:30 to 1:30 p.m
Facts About Ideal Weight in Dogs

We know how hard it is to deal with those pleading eyes as our staff have dogs too!

Certain breeds of dogs are prone to being overweight (Golden & Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Beagles, Bichons & Yorkies top our list historically)

Careful feeding and a well crafted exercise program are the keys to success.

The most exciting new technologies are Fitbit(r) like devices that monitor activity and are starting to carry calorie counts on most foods. BabelBark, FitBark & HeyRex lead the pack right now

Come to one of our Weigh-ins Sat March 4th at noon, March 29th at 5:30 or April 29th at 12:30 to learn from the experience of previous contestants and our clinic staff!

Being the pet’s advocate and striving towards ideal weight and its many benefits is work we truly love.

Facts About Ideal Weight in Cats

Over 58% of cats are above their ideal weight.

Protein level in foods is very important for safe weight loss in cats. At least 40% at a bare minimum. Studies have shown 58% protein is their normal outdoor diet.

It is very important to not free-feed most cats as they will overeat.

Wet food can satiate better than dry and can be very convenient to achieve portion control

Feeding multiple cats in household is challenging especially when we consider that 3 to 5 small feedings per day and the use of food puzzles are the ideal way to feed all cats.

We are continuously trying new devices in Bug’s gym to see what works the best!

Come to Cat’s Night Out March 2nd, March 30th or April 29th at 5:30 to learn more from cat owners who are getting the job done!


Ideal Weight Contest will kickoff MARCH 4th, 2017

(Special Cat Only Weigh-in Thurs March 2nd)

  • Cat & Dog “Biggest 4 pawed loser” divisions (more than 20% over IBW)
  • “Iron Dogs” & “Iron Cats” (cats and dogs 5 to 20% over IBW)
  • Cat Prides & Dog Packs (3 contestants working together to IBW!)
  • $10 Donated for each pound  lost (dogs) to local rescue of your choice
  • $20 Donated for each pound lost (cats) to local rescue of your choice
  • $4000 in prizes ($1000 in pet food as prizes & $3,000 in door prizes)

Pets will feel better, live longer, and have less health problems if they achieve and maintain ideal weight! Pets, pet owners & rescues all win when pets lose!

We are using 4 NEW health & weight management technologies that you might have interest in:

FitBark & BabelBark  are our two new gold sponsors who have developed amazing fitness & health monitors for pets. (Compare them to a Fitbit (r) type device but less expensive and with a lot of pet friendly bells, whistles & reminders!) We will be sharing information about how these can help your pet at each of our weigh-ins, giving some away to lucky weigh-in attendees and selling them at a special contest price (well below Amazon!) with all proceeds going to rescues!
Tailio is a returning gold sponsor and is an amazing device that weighs cats automatically when they use existing litter box sending weights and litter box activity to the owner’s smartphone.  Early disease detection & continuous monitoring for ideal weight are  the exciting features of this new technology & app.
Sureflap Microchip Feeder We have used these units so multiple cats can roam freely in Bug’s Gym but get only the required amount of food daily with great success.
We are looking into smart feeders from PetNet & Petrics so stay tuned on those!
If you find any better products on your own please let us know!
Challenges, frustrations and support can all be shared/obtained during a one on one referral to our ideal weight programs and upcoming annual weight loss contest that will benefit local rescues.


We can help make it happen. We are passionate about Ideal Weight for all pets (our client’s pets and any pets of friends, neighbors, and co-workers pets too!)


Our 8th Annual “Pets Reducing for Rescues” Contest will kickoff March 4th, 2017. It is 100% free and open to the public with all proceeds going to our local rescues.


Our 2016 contest had 69 entrants and raised $3159 for rescues and our 2015 Contest had 72 contestants and raised $1500, our 2014 contest had 42 entrants and raised $1150. Over $9,600 has been raised over the contest’s history!


Come join us with your “over conditioned” “Biggest 4 Pawed loser” or “almost ideal” (“Iron dog or cat”) or recruit a friend and their pet for great door prizes, cutting edge information and a chance to help our great rescues!

Important Note: Before Calorie calculations are applied to your pet a consultation needs to occur directly with a veterinarian which should include  a complete medical and nutritional history, body condition and muscle condition score, possible blood tests and the selection of an appropriate food. We are happy to provide that if needed.  Consultation with your veterinarian is absolutely fine as well, we simply need a signed consent to participate in the “Biggest 4 Pawed Loser” categories.
A physical exam by your veterinarian, along with a body condition score, an estimate of ideal body weight and muscle condition score is a great start! Bloodwork may be needed if a pet is older or more than 20% over their ideal weight.

Purina BCS Canine

Purina BCS Feline

Weight Assessments

Muscle Condition Score

Once we have established your pet’s ideal weight (be prepared it will be lower than you think!) we can make the right calorie limits for food and treats to get them to their ideal weight quickly & safely and keep them in the peak of health!

There is a huge variation in calorie content of pet foods (from 242 Calories per cup to close to 500-a 2x difference!) Here is a table that shows some typical ranges for cats and dogs.

Food Calories Chart

Many treats are much higher in Calories than one would think and it is so easy to indulge our pets because we love them so much!

Dr Kathryn Michels DVM  DACVN  feels that too many high calorie treats is often the  major cause of pets being overweight and many board certified veterinary nutritionists agree with her!

Are you curious where your pet stands? Visit the Pet Nutrition Alliance website and try their Nutritional Calculator!

Calorie Half Sheet

Food & Exercise Diary   Put this on your refrigerator to keep everyone honest and on track to helping your pet lose weight.

Food&Exercise Diary

We hope you find this useful for your pet’s continued good health!

Drs. Ken Lambrecht, Tina Karls, Rachel Stading and the patient care team at WTVC