WTVC has an array of medical instruments that aid us in diagnosing medical problems

WTVC has medical instruments to help us visualize things that we may not be able to see clearly upon examination

We have a powerful and safe X-ray machine and automatic processor capable of taking X-ray images of pets as large as a Great Dane or as small as a gerbil quickly and easily! We routinely diagnose foreign body ingestion (toys, bones, coins!), heart problems, cancer metastasis, bone fractures, lung disorders, fluid buildup in the chest or abdomen or bladder stones.

These tools are used to document and enhance understanding of complex oral diseases as well as skin masses etc

Our Veterinarians use various medical instruments during your pets exam to ensure they are healthy from head to toe

Ocular Tonometry – We can do ocular pressure checks for glaucoma in older dogs, especially breeds that are commonly affected. Our state-of-the-art tonometer can give us a reading within seconds if we suspect increased ocular pressure is affecting your pet.

Ophthalmoscopes & Otoscopes basic tools used on all wellness exams

WTVC believes bloodpressure plays an important role during surgical procedures

Blood Pressure – We use the same equipment that is used in people (with much smaller cuffs!) to diagnose high and low blood pressure in pets especially cats and small dogs.