One important part of your pet’s medical exam is choosing the right medical diagnostic tool to evaluate their health. Our team of Veterinarians are here to help walk you through the different diagnostic tools that are available and which tools can help us reach a diagnosis.

Happy owner after proper usage of medical diagnostic tools

Medical Diagnostic Tools at WTVC

Step One in proper usage of our medical diagnostic tools is to obtain a thorough history and a comprehensive physical exam.

Step Two involves choosing the most important medical diagnostic tool that will lead to confirmation of our preliminary diagnosis in the most direct path. We can choose from laboratory tests, xray images,electrocardiogram, blood pressure, ocular tonometry, abdominal ultrasound, cardiac echocardiography or referral for advanced diagnostics like MRI and even CT scans.

We promise that we will always take great care in choosing a medical diagnostic tool because we know that time may be critical and that your family will not rest easily until an answer to your pet’s illness has been found.