WTVC believes STRONGLY in year-round heartworm, intestinal parasite and flea/tick prevention for dogs & cats.

Here are our best Total Parasite Prevention Recommendations for 2017

Canine Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite and Flea/Tick products

For fleas and ticks Parastar Plus® or Vectra 3D® (monthly year-round) are both safe effective products and both work better than Frontline which we used for years but has now been significantly surpassed in effectiveness.

These products have an excellent safety record and money back guarantees if purchased directly from a veterinarian.

Parastar Plus and Vectra 3D prevent against the ticks that carry disease, as well as fleas, are waterproof and are easy to apply. Vectra 3D adds the additional effect of repelling mosquitos, fleas & ticks.

New specials offered by the manufacturers:

For Parastar Plus: buy 3 get $5 off.

Vectra 3D: first dose free OR buy 6, get 3 free; buy 3, get 1 free.

We have in  house coupons that offer up to $80 off if you care to stock up for 6 to 12 months.

These make our prices very comparable with over the counter sources but when purchased from us you get product quality assurance and a full manufacturer guarantee.

For dogs, Interceptor Plus covers more 2 more parasites than Heartgard as it prevents whipworms and and it now covers tapeworms as well. It is easy to administer in a new monthly soft chew.

Interceptor Plus ® is very palatable and it protects against heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.  This coverage is superior to Heartgard and Interceptor which we previously carried but can still get via our online store for you if you wish.

WTVC believes in year-round heartworm protection

With 10+ years of safety and effectiveness and full guarantees for heartworm products (that also cover intestinal parasites) one of the main concerns for us is compliance.

Nationally, despite having very effective products, heartworm disease has actually increased.  We HIGHLY encourage the use of heartworm preventative year-round (including the colder months!) to help protect your pets from contracting heartworms. These monthly products help prevent internal parasites like hookworms and roundworms too. Cat’s can get heartworms too, so we encourage the use of heartworm preventative for your cats as well!

Feline Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite, and Flea/Tick Prevention

Used monthly year-round Revoluton protects against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and internal parasite and even ear mites and is very safe in a species that is known for its sensitivity to medications

Its effectiveness, ease of use and company guarantee makes this our preferred choice for both outdoor & indoor cats.  (In a recent study 28% of cats infected with heartworms were indoor only cats!)

They now have a buy 6 get 2 or buy 9 get 3 free special that keeps cost at around $15 per month to prevent fleas, ticks, internal parasites & heartworms with a single monthly application.

We will constantly research the many products that are sold to make sure your pet has the best protection available in this important safety area for pets and people.

If you prefer to use something more effective for ticks and fleas, Easy Spot is a very safe alternative and when used with Interceptor will give your cat total parasite prevention, too. A new collar Seresto, is available for cats as well! Please ask us about the pros and cons of each at your next visit. See comparison sheet here!