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Happy Tails Success Stories

Good luck, Jelly Bean!

Jelly Bean was a shy little guy who took a little bit of coaxing to get out of his shell. A lot of people passed over him since he was so timid, but the staff here at WTVC knew what a sweetheart he was with just a little bit of time and attention. Well, the stars aligned, and now Jelly Bean found his forever home with Patti, who looked past his nervousness and saw what a lovable boy he really was! We are so glad to see what a great family he gets to go home with!

Lady Amarillo & Elphaba!

We are so happy when the cats that we keep in our care find their forever homes. This particular adoption was the best Christmas present we here at WTVC could have received! Lady Amarillo, who was with us since early August, went home last week accompanied with Elphaba (now named Brownie!), one of our other foster kittens. We enjoy seeing how loved they are, and how happy they are in their new home!!

Bye Bye Jordy!

Jordy was a sweet little guy who came to WTVC with 4 other kittens. Although he was a blast to have at the clinic, we knew we were going to have to give him up eventually. Luckily he found his home before the holidays, just in time to have a Christmas under the tree or in a warm lap!

Dudley Rodgers!

This handsome devil is Dudley Rodgers. Dudley was an intelligent stray that knew just which doorstep to sit on. A very helpful client of WTVC cared for Dudley enough to bring him to us for veterinary care. He was such a sweet guy that we decided to foster him until Jamie & her daughter came and swept him away to his forever home! He will forever be grateful of his family and the friends who helped him find them!


Porter was the friendliest cat in the world! He was very loved by his foster family that was helping out Dane County Friends of Ferals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t time for them to add to the family and they were getting too attached so Porter came to WTVC! He stayed with us for quite a while and worked as the greeter until he finally found a place to call home. He now lives with his look alike cat brother.

Meet Frankie Dorner!

Frankie was adopted by one of our long term clients soon after she lost her aging kitty, Chip. She was a spunky little cat who was equal parts play and cuddle. Her playful and sweet personality got her adopted almost within a day of arriving at the clinic! She’s come back to visit us a few times, and while her new mom is exhausted with her kitten antics, it didn’t take long for Frankie to steal her heart the way she stole ours.

Say hello to D.O.T!

D.O.T was the last to go of her siblings. One of our techs didn’t like leaving her alone at night after spending her whole life with her brother and sister, so she started bringing her home at night. It was there that some of her friends met D.O.T. and fell in love with her. They couldn’t say no to her beautiful eyes and loving personality. D.O.T. (short for diluted orange tabby!) is loving her new family and is having a blast trying to figure out how to play with her new Labrador brother, Duke!

Say hello to George!

George came to West Towne with his two sisters, and was instantly a fan favorite. A tiny little guy who loved to snuggle and give nose kisses, it didn’t take long for him to get adopted. In fact, his adoptive mom came into the clinic looking exclusively for a female cat, but she couldn’t resist George’s sweet, cuddly personality. He’s loving his new home!

Meet Vegas “All-In” Teubert!

Vegas was adopted by our wonderful veterinary technician, Laken! Laken fell in love with Vegas’ quirky personality and her adorable face! When Vegas first came to us, she didn’t want to eat, was very shy, and did not want to be pet. Now she runs the house with her new brother, Moose O’Mally! Laken says that Vegas has adjusted so well, loves children, and snuggles up for a nice cuddle. We are so very happy that Vegas has found a fur-ever home and has adjusted so well!

Check out this dynamic duo Jazzy and Rafiki!

These two peas in a pod were both adopted by our friend Connie (who happens to be our technician, Chesley’s mom!) Although their personalities are polar opposites, these two gems love spending time together whether they are on the prowl or just having a delicious snack! Connie says that they are both doing well, and have started sleeping in the bed with her! Rafiki, the shy one of the duo, is slowly coming out of his shell and into the hearts of his new fur-ever family members! We are so thrilled that these two have found each other, and better yet their fur-ever home!

Say hello to Stein (AKA ‘Little Dude’)

Little Dude was adopted by our previous veterinary technician, Felicia! Once a shy, timid kitten Stein is now a ferocious lion that screams for attention (and food of course!) This little man requires an hour of snuggles daily right in his mommy’s face! His spunky attitude meshes well with Felicia’s older cat, Excalibur! Felicia says “Excalibur and Stein are inseparable.  They sleep together, play together, eat together, and stare out the window together. This Little Dude was the perfect addition to completing our family (which now consists of two dogs and two cats!)”