You have our promise: We love cats and will do all we can for your cat to keep them happy and healthy!

WTVC is Cat Friendly

West Towne Veterinary Center is Gold Level Cat Friendly Practice Certified, meaning that we go the extra mile to provide your cat with the best possible medical and preventive care, all while making their visit as stress-free as possible!

Did you know that cat ownership exceeds dog ownership by 10 million cats?!  Although there are more cats in the U.S, the current market research says that cats are simply not receiving the care that most dogs receive on a regular basis, and that they have just as many preventable diseases.  This means that many cats may be fighting painful issues at home without their owners knowledge.  As cat owners ourselves, we fully realize how independent and self-sufficient cats can be, and how good they can be at hiding illnesses.  Regular wellness care and screening is therefore an essential component of keeping cats healthy and helping to increase their quality and quantity of life.

The biggest roadblocks preventing cat owners from bringing their cats to the vet for a wellness exam often seem be to getting cats into a carrier and the fear of causing stress to their cats by bringing them to the clinic.  Knowing these barriers, our primary goal is to make you and your cat as comfortable as possible while still providing the care, wellness, and testing that your cat needs.
Many of our clinic staff have cats and fight the same battles you do in getting them in for their annual wellness exams on schedule.  We are here to help you overcome these obstacles so your cat can receive the best quality care available, to help them live long, happy, and healthy lives!
  1. We provide a step by step plan for you to make the transport of your kitty safe & stress free.
  2. We are a certified Cat Friendly Practice with a separate cat entrance and 2 quiet exam rooms just for cats (and on other side of building from dog rooms!).  We also use a calming Feliway pheromone diffuser in each exam room that helps to reduce stress.
  3. We will minimize stress to your cats in all ways during  your visit, by using quiet voices in the exam room and handling your cat with feline-friendly techniques – we treat every cat like we would our own.  We even have Cats Night Out events to help get your kitty used to the clinic outside of her exam.
  4. Our team is always up-to-date on feline-specific wellness and medicine.  Our doctors are members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, and all staff engage in ongoing continuing training and education to stay up-to-date on advances and changes in feline care.
  5. We will continue to help you find healthy kittens & cats to call your own through two great rescues: Dane County Friends of Ferals & the Dane County Humane Society.  We have worked with each of these rescue organizations for over 5 years!
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