Looking for a new kitty to add to your family?  WTVC hosts adoptable cats from Dane County Friends of Ferals!  Adoptable cats call our front lobby “home,” but are allowed to roam freely throughout the clinic to exercise, socialize, and explore each day as well.

Lady Amarillo

Say hello to Lady Amarillo- named for her big, yellow eyes! Lady Amarillo came to us from the Dane County Humane Society where she was surrendered. After seeing how overweight she was, which was causing perineal scalding on her backside, the staff at the humane society immediately thought of Dr. Lambrecht here at West Towne and his state of the art weight-loss practices.  Lady Amarillo has already lost about 3lbs since arriving here, and it didn’t take her long to adjust to her new surroundings in the cat gym. This little girl loves having her belly rubbed and standing on her hind legs trying to get someone to pet her!  And what’s that device strapped to Lady Amarillo’s chest? It’s a Heyrex! This will allow us to track her movement and activity levels during her weight loss journey to better assess how we can help Lady reach a more optimal body weight- almost like a Fitbit for pets! Lady Amarillo has been doing so well with her weight loss that we think it’s time for her to find her forever home! Come take home this sweet lady today!

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!

Greetings from the cutest furry little faces at West Towne Vet Center! Read below to learn more about our adoptable kittens Glinda, Elphaba, Jelly Bean, Jordy & Pickles. These little feline friends are very sociable, started on their initial vaccine series, deworming and they all tested negative for feline heartworm, FeLv & FIV. For more information please call us at 608-828-3737.

Pickles is a very outgoing little man! He loves to be picked up, snuggled and kissed.

Jelly Bean is a true sweetheart. He appreciates things at a slower pace but loves his head scratched once in your arms. This handsome guy also enjoys the fun toys in Bug’s Cat Gym.

Glinda is the active one of the bunch. Her favorite activity is to run on the “fast cat exercise wheel”. In fact, she doesn’t even need encouragement- she just hops on and goes for a stroll. Visit our facebook page to watch her video!

Caring is Sharing!

Elphaba is your classic beauty! She also likes to be snuggled and will purr until she falls asleep in your arms.

Jordy is the best of both worlds! He likes to be held but also enjoys being adventurous. He and pickles just discovered there was a whole downstairs area at WTVC! They now like to go visit Karen in grooming.


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