We are AAHA Accredited and designated Gold Level Cat Friendly!

We strive to keep current in all the major areas of expertise necessary to keep your pet healthy and prevent problems. To do that we maintain membership in the best professional affiliations in our industry.

We attend local and national continuing education courses and use Veterinary Information Network VIN to keep up to date in all areas of medicine, surgery, integrative care and nutrition.

What is AAHA Accredidation?

AAHA accreditation is only achieved by 16% of veterinary clinics nationwide. It is a voluntary inspection, consultation and standardization process that no other profession (medical, dental, chiropractic, etc) has.

Successful accreditation requires passing over 1000 individual standards ranging from how we store and regulate our medications to how we administer anesthesia and keep our hospital sanitary.

These standards are there for one reason…to elevate the quality of pet care we deliver. Our clinic has had AAHA accreditation since 1995 and is one of just six clinics in Madison (including the UW Veterinary School) to achieve accredited status.

The re-accreditation process takes place every three years and we just completed the second one in our new facility on October 25th, 2017 passing with flying colors.  Standards are upgraded every year to raise the bar for the delivery of excellent pet care.

We have been designated a Gold level Cat Friendly Practice since Feb 2015. There are only just over 1000 veterinary practices in the U.S. to achieve this status. The standards include facility and protocols like AAHA but go much further in handling guidelines & education to insure your cats veterinary experience is as stress free as possible! From the beginning instructions we provide on transporting your cat to our clinic to the individualized approach we take for each cat we will do our best to insure they don’t mind returning at their next visit! Some even enjoy it… especially those that visit Bugs Cat Gym for one of our Cats Night Out events!!

We Are Also Current Members of the Following