West Towne Veterinary Center has a lot to offer.
Read a little about us to see what makes WTVC one of a kind!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission has always been: “to provide exceptional and thorough health care to your pets in a caring environment and to care for them as if they were our own.” Our business philosophy is: “Locally owned & community focused,” which we practice every day our doors are open

Making You Feel Comfortable

West Towne Veterinary Center strives to make your pet’s experience as stress free as possible. Does your pet get sick during the car ride to the clinic or do they hide as soon as they walk in the door? Our veterinarians can discuss different approaches to make your pet’s trip to the clinic a little more comfortable. We understand the our feline friends sometimes have a harder time travelling to unknown places. That is why we have taken the extra step to become a gold level designated Cat Friendly practice! We are dedicated to making everyone feel safe and comfortable while in our care!

WTVC Provides Excellent Service

West Towne Veterinary Center is dedicated to providing the best preventive pet wellness, dentistry and grooming services for your pet in a warm, caring environment. Our newly remodeled clinic was designed to be super cat & dog friendly, and warm and comfortable to make you and your pet feel at ease.