Pet Health & Fitness Technology

Prizes for PRFR 2018


Here are the top products we are featuring this year for our Pets Reducing for Rescues weight loss contest! We are on our ninth year of this free eight week contest that is focused on pets losing weight and raising money for area rescues. For every pound lost the center donates $10 for dogs and $20 for cats to the client’s choice of area rescues. These companies sponsor our contest donating units for prizes and money towards the rescues! Many of these technologies have been used by our clients and in Bug’s Cat Gym and without a doubt are all helpful in our goal of ideal weight.

Petrics Pet Health System

A smart pet bed, a monitor and an app cataloguing nutrients & ingredients of 15,000 pet foods. Too good to be true? They won not one, but 2 Innovation awards at CES 2018.


A fitness & activity monitor for dogs & cats that has been used in 46 veterinary research facilities.


A smart scale that goes under a litter box, weighing pets and elimination and documents litter box behaviours (frequency & duration)


A veterinary exclusive portion & pet controlled smart feeder that in testing got 87% of pets to lose weight. Sold only through Vetsource


A cat and small dog microchip controlled feeder that allows only designated pet to eat a controlled amount of a designated food preventing food sharing between multiple pets etc.


Smart portion controlled feeder for dogs with a camera

Petcube bites

An interactive camera and video that dispenses treats to pets

Doc & Phoebe No Bowl

An alternative to healthy cat feeding allowing cats to hunt their food. Portion control for one cat can help with weight management & prevent boredom and unwanted behavior problems